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Embracing The Perfection Of Patterned Tiles In Your Home

Embracing The Perfection Of Patterned Tiles In Your Home

We have seen a huge growth in the popularity of patterned tiles, and it’s easy to see why. There is a huge range of patterned tiles out there in different shapes, sizes and colours. While we love the natural stone effect tiles and similar, nothing excites us more than seeing a tiling scheme with a splash of pattern in it.

So, if you are considering patterned wiles to brighten up your home, where should you start?


Why You Should Embrace Patterned Tiles in Your Home

Patterns Enhance Your Home

A pattern is a really good way of adding an immediate style or theme in a place. For example, you can create the old fashioned style with a traditional pattern on the tiles, or a sunny conservatory with orange and yellow patterned tiles. Tiles with patterns are great for the ‘rug effect’ in a room too. However plain coloured tiles work well when bordered off with smaller patterned tiles.

You can really easily use a pattern to enhance a theme in your home. For example, blue tiles with patterns help create a Greek feel. Or more geometric brightly coloured tiles work well if you’re trying to create a Moroccan feel in your home. We recommend customers to embrace the option of patterns in tiles to anchor a design, feel or set in the home.


They Create Open Plan Living

Many customers use patterns to zone spaces in open plan living. As we suggested, the rug effect works well with this. Alternatively, the patterned tiles to border off areas in your home work well, as a way of splitting the rooms without walls. Patterned tiles can make a space look more interesting but in a practical and hard-wearing way.


You Can Create a Feature Wall

If you are looking to create a feature wall then tiles with patterns are just what you need. These tiles and patterns attract attention and can really draw the eye to the pattern. Alternatively, you can place patterned tiles on a floor and around the mirror on the wall to really bring the room together.


Contact us, we’re tiling specialists!

Remember, not all patterns work well together. It is recommended that you have a chat with our tiling specialists about your plans and they can help recommend the best tiles for you and your home or business. Give us a call today on 01832 735 633, alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch.

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