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How To Choose Between Small Tiles and Large Tiles

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While bigger is always better when it comes to your bank balance, is bigger always better? A small to-do is list is often preferable to a larger to-do list that never seems to end? But does that mean than smaller is better?


Choosing Between Small & Large Tiles

It really does depend on the matter in hand, but sometimes it isn’t a straight forward answer that bigger is better than smaller, or smaller better than bigger. That is especially the case when it comes to tiles. In this blog post, we help you understand how to choose between small tiles and large tiles.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles tend to fall into two groups; small decorative tiles and large decorative tiles. While there was once a time when tiles belonged solely in bathrooms and kitchens, this is no longer the case.

Tiles are becoming extremely popular throughout the home as is the popularity of small tiles and large tiles. There are just so many different tiles ranges out there now, that it is only normal to find out clients are opting for large tiles, small tiles or both. Our clients are keen to experiment with different tiles, colours, shapes and sizes.

Wall or Floor Levelling

If you have a wall or floor that isn’t level or can’t be levelled, then small tiles may work better for you. Large tiles on surfaces like this tend to result in a bad finish with tiles and tile corners sticking out. This isn’t as noticeable with small tiles.

Less grout, less maintenance

One main appeal for larger tiles is that they need less grout, which results in less maintenance. Large tiles are much easier to clean than grout, so tiles offering less need for grout are more popular. However, it is important to note that grout comes in different colours. When the right small tiles are matched with the best grout colour it can create a really eye-catching look.

Endless possibilities for layout

Something else to consider when choosing between small tiles and large tiles is the endless possibilities of layouts with small tiles. Small tiles can be laid in numerous ways to create directions through an office, a stylish floor mat look or a tiled feature wall for example.

Indecisive? Choose both

However, is it always a choice between small tiles and large tiles, why not have them both? It is a bold option for a bespoke floor or wall, but when done right it can look fantastic. We hope this blog has helped you know how to choose between small tiles and large tiles.


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