Interior Colour Rules For Your Small Space

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As tiling specialists, we have seen how much the colour of a wall or floor in a small space, can greatly influence the perceived size of a room or small space. While the colour of the floor tiles or wall tiles doesn’t shrink the actual space in the room, certain colours will make a room look bigger or smaller than it is.


What Coloured Tiles Should You Use to Make A Small Room Look Bigger?

With this in mind, we thought we would put together some guidelines and rules to follow when it comes to coloured tiles in your small space.

  • Keep It Simple

Try not to make anything too complicated in your small space. Instead, keep it simple. You need to make sure you don’t flood the space with too much colour. We would recommend a single and simple shade for the wall tiles and another for the floor. Try and avoid over complicated patterns on your wall or floor as this will draw attention to the small size of the room or space. Do your best to choose wall tile colours that partner the floor tile colours, so they blend together seamlessly.

  • Arrange Dark Colours Lower on a Wall

If you have opted for multiple or gradient coloured tile patterns in a small room, we would recommend that you arrange the tiles so the darkest colours are towards the bottom. The patterned tiles should then get lighter, the higher up the room they are. For example, in a green bathroom, opt for dark green floor tiles and a lighter olive green tile colour across the walls of the bathroom. We have often seen examples where small rooms with darker walls then the floors look like a box with no bottom.

  • Go Lighter

When starting out on decorating a smaller room, remember to keep it light. You don’t want people to feel like the walls are caving in on them. Think about the size of the room and if you want it to look bigger, if so then go lighter! We have often seen examples where small rooms with darker walls then the floors look like a box with no bottom, so remember – the lighter, the better.


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