An image of a kitchen with hardwood flooring and tiles on the walls.

Is Hardwood Kitchen Floor Or Tiled Kitchen Floor Better For You?

An image of a kitchen with hardwood floors

We’ve all sat at home in the evening watching those DIY programmes where they turn an average kitchen into something that looks like it has come out of a magazine or celebrity catalogue. And, while watching these programs, we are left thinking: “Well, that would never work in my kitchen!

We have all been there.

But, would it?

You’d be surprised at just how possible it could be for your home. With the right skills and expertise, you can turn your kitchen into something from a magazine. If you have the skills, you can get the kitchen tiles from us. If you don’t, then we can supply and fit your tiled kitchen floor for you.

So why do we recommend a tiled kitchen floor instead of a hardwood kitchen floor?

Hardwood Kitchen Floor vs. Tiled Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood kitchen floors have been popular over the years due to the fact they are relatively low cost and relatively easy to install.

However, tiled kitchen floors are growing in popularity as people realise they are more cost-effective in the long run. A tiled kitchen floor will last the test of time, unlike hardwood flooring.


Choosing a Tiled Kitchen Floor: What Are The Advantages?

While choosing to have a tiled kitchen floor installed you may find you spend a little more upfront, but the overall advantages, some of which we have listed below, will far out way the expense when you look at just how great a tiled kitchen floor looks, and how long it lasts!

  • When you choose tiles for your kitchen floor there is a greater selection of design options available to you. Just take a look at our shop for the selection of floor tiles that you can choose from for your kitchen floor.

  • Tiles for your kitchen floor also give your kitchen floor added durability, they are easy to maintain and keep clean and look as good as new for longer than a hardwood floor in your kitchen will do.

  • You will find that tiles on your kitchen floor are a much better heat conductor for radiant heat systems too, helping you save money on your heating and energy bills.

  • A tiled kitchen floor is more aesthetically pleasing too because it works as a great compliment to a tile backsplash in your kitchen.

  • While hardwood floor may seem more cost-effective, 10 years down the line and you’ll be looking at replacing it, while a tiled kitchen floor will still look as good as new, and will continue doing so.

  • Spills on a hardwood floor can create big problems. This is especially the case if you’re out for the day and there is a leak. With a tiled floor in your kitchen spillages are much less of a problem.


These are just some of the very many advantages of tiled flooring in your kitchen. If you’d like to hear about all the other advantages then please contact us directly by calling out team on 01832 735 633, or through filling out our online contact form.

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