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Keeping Your Tiled Floor Looking Its Best

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If you’ve been considering a new tiled floor for your home but you are worried about how to keep it clean, or perhaps you have a tiled floor in your home and you are after some tips for keeping it clean?

Here at Ben’s Bathrooms, we don’t just supply tiles, supply and fit tiles, or fit tiles you have purchased elsewhere. We also take the time to make sure you know how to look after your new tiled floor so you can keep it look as good as new for years to come.

In this blog post, we have put together some top tips for keeping your tiled floor looking its best, long after it has been installed.

Protect Your Tiled Floor

Every tile has some form of impervious seal or a recommendation of sealant to ensure spillages do not seep into the tiles and the flooring. Also, be aware that grout will often need sealing too. When you choose your tiles for your floor make sure you check which appropriate sealant you should be using.

Of course, if we are laying your tiled floor for you, then this is something we will do automatically and you won’t need to worry.

Prevent Your Tiled Floor from Scratches

We would recommend that you use a doormat at each entrance of your home. This doormat will catch all the grit that is picked up on shoes and this will reduce the risk of scratches on your tiled floor. We also recommend a place for shoes to go, near the door, so this helps keep your floors cleaner – especially in the wetter and muddier weather!

You may want to consider floor protectors added to your furniture too as these can reduce the risk of damage to the tiled floor by heavier furniture such as tables, or chairs that are moved frequently.

Tiled Floor Daily Maintenance

Try daily dust mopping or sweeping with a soft broom. This will catch all the debris that is brought into the house on shoes. If doormats aren’t in place or aren’t used, then people are bringing grit into the home and onto your floor, add to that a child or a pet that is slipping and sliding across your floor and you are creating a sandpaper effect to the tops of your tiles. A quick dust mopping session gets rids of this sandpaper effect and will help to protect your tile flooring.

If anything is spilt then grab a mop or cloth quickly to clear it up, just as you would with carpet flooring. We call this spot mopping and this helps to keep your home and tiled floor clean in-between regular wet mopping.

Weekly Wet Mopping For Tiled Floors

Once a week we would recommend you mop over the tiled floors with a damp mop. Due to the fact that you are spot mopping on spillages during the week, it means chemicals aren’t really needed to clean the floor. Then grab a clean and dry mop head or cloth and dry the floor off. It will shine like brand new!

Do you have any top tips to share, for keeping your tiled floor looking its best? We would love to hear them.


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