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Recommended Tiles For Your Garden

Many of us don’t make the most out of our garden and outdoor spaces, but then sunny days come and we are wishing we did. Why not take the time this year to create a stylish garden patio when you can entertain guests and enjoy the sunshine?


Tile Inspiration: What Tiles Could You Have in Your Garden?

We have put together some ideas for doing just that;

A Tiled Outdoor Platform

While decking is a popular option for an outdoor platform, it is not always the best option. Decking fades over time and can be tricky to keep clean and maintained throughout the year. If you love the idea of an outdoor wood-look base in your garden then why not consider our wood effect tiles. Wooden look tiles are extremely durable and stylish too.

Brighten Drab Wall Spaces

Outdoor wall tiles can be a really good way of brightening up what were drab wall spaces. Split effect tiles, for example, have a multi-level surface that makes them look staggered. These sorts of outdoor wall tiles can create a really stylish backdrop to an outdoor entertaining area. Just make sure you check they are good quality tiles for your garden as they will be up against the harsh outdoor weather during the year.

Indoor to Outdoor Living Space

The biggest trend we have seen in recent years is where homeowners want to create an indoor-outdoor living space. This works really well when you build the patio space up to the same level as the interior of your home. We would then recommend using the same floor tiles to create a seamless transition between inside and outside. This gives you one large free-flowing area which is great for entertaining or for enabling the children to play safely inside and outside.

An Eye-Catching Tiled Path

Whether you have a dull and boring tiled path up to the front door or across your garden, there is no reason it can’t be jazzed up. Why not use Victorian style tiles for example. These can give you real kerb appeal out the front of your house, and create an eye-catching path in your back garden or around the side of your home. The colour, pattern and design will look fabulous.

Multi-Sized Mismatch 

If you are a fan of the Ideal Home Show this is a look and flooring style you will have seen a lot. This is a flooring style where you use different sized floor tiles to create an interesting floor display. It’s a great way of stepping away from traditional grid flooring tiles and can really add interest and style to tiles for your garden and your flooring.


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If any of these recommended ideas for tiles for your garden have stood out and you want to try them yourself then take a look at our tiles that we can supply for you to install, or we can supply and fit your tiles. Give our team a call today on 01832 735 633, alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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