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Why Carpet Tiles Aren’t Right For Your Office Entrance

Why Carpet Tiles Aren’t Right For Your Office Entrance

Why Carpet Tiles Are the Worst Decision for Your Office Entrance

Carpet tiles at the entrance of an office building are a common thing to see. However, they may not be the best option for your office entrance. The carpet tiles look great when they are first installed, and everyone loves and admires them.

Susceptible to Wear and Tear

However, the entrance to your office is used by everyone in your building at least twice a day. This means this area has a lot of wear and tear, on a daily basis.

In low traffic areas like meeting rooms, or less-used offices, carpet tiles can be a really cost-effective flooring option. However, regular carpet tiles just aren’t designed for high-traffic areas, or weather-affected areas – like the entrance to your business.

Not built for durability

Carpet tiles are used for the aesthetically pleasing style, not for their durability. After even just a few weeks, dependant on the footfall through your office, the newly laid carpet tiles can look old, dirty, faded and can even be damaged in this short time.

Water and Dirt

While carpet tiles will absorb a small amount of water and dry dirt can brush off them easily: where does the dirt and water go? It soaks into the carpet and can cause long-term damage. The tracked in dirt and moisture than people bring into your office just sits on top of the carpet tile and builds up over time.

Damages carpets and flooring throughout your office building

So what happens with the built-up dirt and moisture that people bring into your office and wipe off onto the entrance carpet? It then gets taken through your offices by the next person, and so on. Overtime this is causing damage to the carpets and flooring throughout your office. In turn, this then adds to the frequency that you need to replace the flooring and this just results in more money being spent.


So, what is the solution?

Tiled flooring could be the perfect solution for your office entrance. By choosing the right floor tiles for the entrance to your office you will create the best possible first impression to people visiting and they will last longer too, plus they’re easy to clean!

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